Shading Finial - Dont Cross The River


Stronger person

So, as I might have mentioned I actually quit my job a few weeks ago. It was the best thing I have ever done and I still feel really proud of myself. It was scary but i think that if you don't feel good while you are at work you should do something about it. And the best thing I could have done was to quit and do something I actually want to do. So for the past few weeks i have been planning my travel around europe . I feel really happy and I look forward to ...

Good wine

I have tried a new red wine; Some Zin, a red Zinfandel, which is California's own native grape variety. The wine has an alcohol content of 14%, and the tannin content is lower than for example that of a Cabernet Sauvignon. Red Zinfandel offers a full-bodied wine with plenty of flavor and is thus best with foods with a lot of flavor, grilled beef and lamb. The wine sorts under fruity and tasty wines, and the description reads: generous, fruity wine with hints of barrel, blackberry, plum compote, chocolate and vanilla.