Shading Finial - Dont Cross The River

Stronger person

So, as I might have mentioned I actually quit my job a few weeks ago. It was the best thing I have ever done and I still feel really proud of myself. It was scary but i think that if you don't feel good while you are at work you should do something about it. And the best thing I could have done was to quit and do something I actually want to do. So for the past few weeks i have been planning my travel around europe . I feel really happy and I look forward to my travels and I think I will have the greatest time of my life. Sadly my boyfriend can't join me, but he will meet up with me whenever he can. Whenever he has some extra days of work he will fly to wherever I am. He is being really supportive of my plans to travel the whole summer. Some boyfriends might have been very upset and against it but he's great and think I'll grow as a person. And he thinks I will benefit from actually standing on my own and really rely on myself. He thinks it will do wonders for my confidence. I look forward to when he's free for two or three weeks and we can spend that time in sweden and denmark together. We'll go on the stockholm boat tours together, we can taste real swedish meatballs together and wander around stockholm and watch the sun set. I think this will be a great summer. And when the fall arrives I will have to find a new job, but this time I will get a job that I actually like and where the people is nice. But I will be a stronger person after my travels.